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Our detailed inspection report offers you a cost estimate for repairs and/or replacement on all deficiencies found during your inspection. Aside from our inspection report, we also offer you a 60 day warranty on all findings at no additional cost to you!


Unfortunatley, termites are common in the South Florida area. Whether buying or selling a home, the owner of the home may not know about a termite infestation. Therefore, it is important to hire a qualified home inspector to produce accurate efficient results!


Having a pool in Florida is considered a luxury. Let AKG inspect your pool system to make sure it is running at it's optimum potential in time for summer! We also inspect all appliances in the household to ensure they are working efficiently. 


Having an electrical inspection done in the hot South Florida weather is imperative! Our world today is ran on electricity. Let AKG make sure your home is not only running efficiently, but effectively as well!


Few things are worse than having to deal with an improperly installed, or ineffective plumbing system. Let AKG inspect the effectiveness of your plumbing system. Avoid an uneccesary mess with a proper inspection beforehand.


Some may argue, having a roof over your head is a neccesity in our life to survive. Make sure yours is keeping you dry and safe from enviromental hazards. Get your roof inspection/estimate today!


AKG's structural inspection provides a report on the condition of the supporting elements and foundation of the home. It is very important to ensure your home is a safe shelter as intended to be.

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